Bring your big ideas to life!


Inspired by a mutual desire to help big thinkers bring their ideas into the world, we've developed the Little Bright Notebook, a project design tool for creators and innovators. The Little Bright Notebook is your space to dream, plan, organize and take action on a big idea. We are currently taking orders for organizations and educational institutions. Join our mailing list for more information.


A playbook for success - written by you.


We recognize that you are the expert on your project, so we have made a product that gives you room to actualize your vision.





Get clear on what you will accomplish. This section is helpful for people who have some idea of what they want to focus on, but haven't gotten specific about results. It will also help clarify why this project is so important to you.



Identify the major milestones that you'll need to hit in order to accomplish your goal. This section will facilitate a thoughtful planning process, which you will return to as you take action in the next session. 



The action section is a day-by-day tool for the to-dos of your project. This is the section that you'll spend the most time with as you execute your goal. 


We built in reflection points throughout the action section so that you can continually take stock of your progress and stay engaged with the big picture. This is a step that many people skip when working independently, but we believe it is key to a project's success. 

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